Asymmetry Là Gì

Physicists are investigating the apparent asymmetry in the amounts of matter và antimatter in the universe.

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the quality of having parts on either side or half that bởi vì not match or are not the same kích thước or shape
Lengthening appears lớn occur less frequently among trochaic systems than iambic systems, và an analysis of rhythmic lengthening must trương mục for this asymmetry.
Humanlike structural left-right brain asymmetries are therefore present in great apes without any related functional specializations for language.
This allows the determination of the asymmetry coefficient of the gravitational turbulent mixing for gases.
Positive feedback over time simultaneously increases power nguồn asymmetries and renders them less visible.
Lakshmanan suggests two possible explanations for the lack of a subject-object asymmetry in her data.
The great asymmetries of name recognition, experience và resources require one lớn reconsider the mã sản phẩm in these terms.
The asymmetry in nonrestrictive relatives between weak and strong crossover effects, the latter remaining but not the former, cannot however be predicted.
He also was the first in demonstrating the left-right functional asymmetry of language processing in the brain.
Thus, it is possible that right prefrontal asymmetry results in reduced inhibitory signals toward the amygdala, which would then maintain aversive-related responses.
First, this asymmetry may be related khổng lồ context- or genre-specific constraints in time and place of information giving.
Failure to lớn address this asymmetry increases the variability of output và decreases trend output growth below the economy"s potential over time.
At 35-deg eccentricity, the acuity asymmetry along the horizontal meridian was maintained with acuity for both significantly higher in the nasal retina.

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Possible existence of moving equilibria in series not showing asymmetry is investigated và modeled with another smooth transition autoregressive model.
Our conclusions concern two apparent asymmetries in our response data which deserve some commentary.
Such proposals vày not in and of themselves provide insight into the apparent asymmetry between questions và relative clauses.
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the way in which a doctor treats people who are ill, especially showing kind, friendly, and understanding behaviour

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