We collected the most essential information for those who are interested in the details of camping. You will discover below the basics of camping & how to do it along with a danh mục of required equipments. Make sure to lớn read through our camping guide to lớn explore the best locations for camping in Türkiye và around the world. 

What is Camping?


Camping is an outdoor activity that involves staying the night/more than one night in a protective shelter out in nature. Camping is a broad term but in its essence, camping is a way of getting away from the hassle of urban life, to lớn a more natural environment for a limited time. Recreational camping started in the late 19th century và became one of the most common outdoor activities all around the world. 

How khổng lồ Camp?

Camping is a recreational activity and there is no competition. You just need lớn learn lớn enjoy yourself và the nature that surrounds you. 

Camping Training: What are the Basics?

Always bring appropriate clothing for unexpected weather conditionsIt is good lớn have a shelter that is resilient lớn rain, snow, or excessive sunlight. Camping can be a tiring activity và you don’t want lớn be exhausted or dehydrated, so try to lớn have plenty of calories and water.Dress for utility, not lớn impress.

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Before You Go: Stuff You Need khổng lồ Know

Health benefits of regular camping are countless. Camping reduces stress, decreases depression và anxiety, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion and boosts the immune system through fresh & clean air.You can go camping by yourself but it is much more fun with your family, friends or colleagues.

Camping Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Camping?


Camping is all about being in away from the convenience of urban life thus it is important to lớn plan thoroughly what khổng lồ bring khổng lồ your camping trip. There are many essential pieces of equipment needed for camping as well as other varied equipment that you can bring depending on the location, duration và your particular goal.

Camping Bag

Camping bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment during your camping trip. It needs lớn be durable, waterproof và lightweight. 

Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag will help you khổng lồ have a warm and comfortable sleep since nights are usually much colder in nature. 


The flashlight is a must-have thành tích on your camping trip and it is good to lớn have one for each member of your camping party.

Wet Wipes

Probably there will be no shower or even running water in sight during your camping trip so it is good to have a couple of boxes of wet wipes for hygiene purposes.


You are going to need a tent for shelter in the nature. You need to have a sturdy tent that can withhold in varied weather conditions. 

Camping Chair

The camping chair is the essential relaxation vật phẩm for camping. Eating, sitting, or just enjoying the campfire on a camping chair is much more convenient & comfortable than sitting on the ground. 

Camp Stove

A camp stove is a reliable and faster way to cook food when the weather is too wet/ moist to make a campfire.

Trash Bags

Being a good camper requires a well-adjusted sense of nature conservation. It is good to bring a couple of trash bags with you leave the campsite clean.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something smart lớn have in your camping trip. You can include painkillers, antibiotic cream, bandages, gauze, and mosquito sprays in your first aid kit.  If you are planning khổng lồ travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table. 

When is the Best Time for Camping?


Camping can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons, but summers are the most popular season for camping since the weather is generally warm và dry. 

Best Locations for Camping in Türkiye


Muğla is located in the most southwestern part of Türkiye and one of the most popular tourism destinations of the country with its worldly recognized districts lượt thích Marmaris, Fethiye, and Bodrum. Despite its popularity, the đô thị has many amazing secluded areas suitable for camping. Most of the camping locations in Muğla are also have spectacular sceneries và natural surroundings. Kayaköy Art Camp, Kelebekler Valley, Katrancı Natural Park, Dalyan Camping, Faralya Camping or Aktaş Beach Camping are famous sites to do camping especially during warm summer days. A flight ticket lớn Muğla is the first step to lớn experience its all-around natural beauties.

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İzmir is one of the largest & most influential cities of western Türkiye. The thành phố is a prominent summer destination with millions of local and international tourists annually. İzmir is also home to many top-notch camping sites & untouched bays in the middle of the nature such as Delikli Koy Camping Site, Ilıca Beach Camping, Çanak Koyu Camping and Kaynaklar Camping. An amazing İzmir experience is awaiting you in here.


Hatay is located in the most southern part of Türkiye và an underrated tourism destination with its gorgeous beaches, camping locations and cultural heritage. You can choose Samandağ Teknepınarı, Dörtyol Topraktaş Plateau or Belen Güzelyayla for không tính tiền camping sites nearby Hatay. Esenbahçe Camping Site and Orient Camping are also good alternatives within easy reach from the city center. A flight ticket to lớn Hatay is the perfect first step to a joyful holiday. 


Nevşehir is located in the central part of Türkiye & is one of the most-visited global attractions of the country with mostly thanks khổng lồ Cappadocia. In Nevşehir, there are also many areas to camp freely, in which you can also enjoy the scenery with amazing hot balloon rides during sunrise. Panorama Camping, Göreme Camping Aqua Park & Avanos Ada Camping are pleasant venues khổng lồ experience outdoor camping with a small fee. A plane ticket khổng lồ Nevşehir will help you experience this scene firsthand.


Balıkesir is located in the southern coast of Marmara Sea & is trang chủ to many amazing natural parks, lakes and mountains. A Balıkesir plane ticket is a great way khổng lồ enjoy what the thành phố has khổng lồ offer ranging from relaxing camping sites lớn vibrant seaside attractions.

Erdek district and Kapıdağ Peninsula are famous locations for camping in the region. Kapıdağ Camping, Erdek Ant Camping, Abant Camping, Mysia Beach Camping & Çamlıkaltı Picnic và Camping are preferred spots in summertime. 

Best Locations for Camping in the World


Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities of Western Europe with countless attractions. The thành phố is trang chủ to numerous camping sites that offer varied outdoor accommodation options such as bungalows, tents, caravans và self-catering accommodation. Amsterdam is a must-go đô thị for everyone, so book a plane ticket to Amsterdam and enjoy this beautiful city.

Top campsites of Amsterdam include Vliegenbos & Gaasper Camping that are located within fifteen minutes away from the đô thị center. You can take the ferry from Vliegenbos lớn Central Train Station. On the other hand, Gaasper Camping is easily accessed by train. 


Geneva is the largest đô thị of Western Switzerland và located on the shores of the amazing Lake Geneva. The thành phố is known for its unique atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Camping in Geneva is one of the best camping experiences you can have và this experience is awaiting you here. 

Lake Geneva situated at the border between Switzerland France is a famous spot for camping. Haute-Savoie, Publier, Thonon-les-Bains, Lugrin or Messery are trang chủ to nice campsites near Geneva. The most comfortable way lớn travel in the surrounding region is problably by car. 


Zurich is located in the northern part of Switzerland just next to lớn the Lake Zurich & is a camping haven for nature enthusiasts. Many of the camping sites in Zurich have a direct lakeside location which makes your camping trip refreshing & fun. Book your flight ticket lớn Zurich not only for a nature trip, but also to lớn enjoy this amazing city. 

Campsite Am Schützenweiher is a preferred place for camping near Zurich. You can reach there in about half an hour by taking the train to Winthertur and then the bus lớn Schützenhaus. Campsite Reussbrücke is another great spot located at Ottenbach. It is connected to Zurich central train station within one hour. 


Tbilisi is the capital thành phố of Georgia và located in the eastern part of the country. Its camping sites are mostly around the well-preserved Tbilisi Sea with affordable prices. You can book your flight to Tbilisi & start preparing for a relaxing vacation.

You can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Georgia at GeoCamp Tblisi where a bunch of options for campers with caravans or motorhomes are available. Camping tours throughout Georgia are also organized. The best way to lớn reach GeoCamp Tblisi camping ground is probably by personal car. 


Almaty is the largest thành phố of Kazakhstan và located on the foothills of the famous Kok Tobe. Almaty has amazing camping sites that have a direct view of the đô thị from Kok Tobe. A plane ticket to lớn Almaty is not only a great way to have a nature-filled experience but also the first step khổng lồ discover the cultural heritage of the city. 

Trekking Club campsite is located within a natural park in about two hours distance from Almaty. If you are not travelling by car, you can get on a bus to Issyk or Turgen và then take the taxi. The campsite offers everything you will need ranging from fully furnished spacious tents & rentals lớn excellent búp phê meals.

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If you are planning lớn travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table.