Cellophane là gì

a thương hiệu for a thin, quite stiff, transparent material used for covering goods, especially flowers và food

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The viewers commented on the uniqueness of the amplified cellophane & tubes" sonorities, as well as the visual drama of the staged performance.
The stage choreography first resulted from practical solution seeking since the performers require additional space when whirling the tubes after performing with the cellophane.
The dessert buns were then wrapped individually in cellophane bags & stored in a freezer before shipping.
The overall chart for the performance involving cellophane, ten pre-recorded and five real-time tube models, & physically present tubes.
This was achieved by inducing the cellophane samples into the model, where they act as the excitation mechanism.
At the over of the experiment, eggs on the cellophane bags were counted and measured with an ocular micrometer.
For example, when the real-time physical models first appear in the composition, they emerge from noise (the cellophane percussive sound).
Due to lớn the uncomplicated control over both cellophane và tubes, a multiplicity of performers were easily trained khổng lồ participate in the performances.
The electronic music portion consists of the real- và non-real-time processed sounds of the tube physical models, physically present tubes, & cellophane.

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