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deconstruct In addition, the local (re)presentation of the monument was deconstructed by removing a core element, the “king”s table”. Từ Cambridge English Corpus As the independence of medical ethics was deconstructed, there arose the need for a canonical medical morality & a new cadre of medical moral experts. Từ Cambridge English Corpus các quan điểm của những ví dụ thiết yếu hiện quan điểm của các chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hay của những nhà cấp phép. Thêm những ví dụ Bớt các ví dụ By electronically altering her speaking and singing into male và female voices, she deconstructed myths of modern life. Từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus They can use other semiotic strategies, such as lớn deconstruct, disfigure or disturb patriarchal conventions. Tự Cambridge English Corpus In this respect, the book is surely guilty of precisely the sort of essentialism that it sets out to lớn deconstruct. Trường đoản cú Cambridge English Corpus Values of type 3 can be obtained from formal parameters of functions or by deconstructing elements of recursive types in a pattern match. Từ Cambridge English Corpus Yet, the range và scope of discourses deconstructed alone merit a thorough reading of this book.

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Từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus It is the stereotype of the older person which she deconstructs, illustrating to lớn the reader that identity is subject to flux & multiple possibilities. Trường đoản cú Cambridge English Corpus The symbolic program deconstructs the system as many subblocks và writes a program for each sub-block. Tự Cambridge English Corpus Such stories deconstruct the notion of trang chủ as a stronghold, a place of safety, a refuge. Từ Cambridge English Corpus In deconstructing this further, one can consider the relative contributions of beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and behaviors. Từ Cambridge English Corpus This focus on differences between women is part of the third postmodern feminist approach, one in which the dualistic gender system is deconstructed & challenged. Từ bỏ Cambridge English Corpus The policy process is deconstructed into three different processes: the union process, the national process, and the sectorial process. Trường đoản cú Cambridge English Corpus What becomes of chất lượng when the individual branches of knowledge have been deconstructed? trường đoản cú Cambridge English Corpus Rather, it will also deconstruct the notion of an author, and of a reader as well. Từ Cambridge English Corpus

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