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The majority also agreed that they gained a new appreciation of life & the relationships they had formerly taken for granted.
On the other hand, systems originating in the metropolis extended further and more effectively into formerly rural areas.
They addressed him formerly and would stand silently before him waiting until he granted permission khổng lồ speak.
This consciousness is potentially liberating và allows for the use of knowledge in ways that were not formerly accessible.
Ordinances lượt thích these were designed to crack down on secret societies, which were formerly used as a means of signaling credibility that enabled exchange.
In both studies, however, parents rated their formerly colicky children as more emotional or difficult.
Neo-liberal globalization is said lớn have homogenizing effects on formerly regionally specific capitalist forms.
Mechanical reproduction may unveil hidden aspects of the original và take the copy khổng lồ formerly inaccessible places.
By the mid-1970s a resurgent new right was breeding a much more aggressive " defence " of the formerly largely indefensible.

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But these groups, which already existed formerly, had never managed khổng lồ hold their own against the enormous tide of violence.
For that matter, formerly existing items also may be perceptually isolated, despite the fact that they no longer exist.
Those who formerly followed clerical authorities unquestioningly are raising their independent voices & demanding khổng lồ be heard.
Many were formerly employed in caring-related professions such as nursing, social work & teaching.



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