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an inaugural address/lecture/speech In her inaugural speech, she identified the recruitment of top faculty talent lớn the university as one of her chief goals.

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He held the inaugural meeting on Friday of a council to lớn forge common ground between union & business leaders.
The ceremony marks the launch of construction on the inaugural platform where the next president will take the oath of office.
It includes 12 inaugural exhibitions grouped around three main themes: history, community and culture và include an exhibit about the museum"s evolution.
During one of my inaugural smoothie attempts, the air from the motor"s tín đồ actually began khổng lồ push it across my kitchen counter.
So far, the school has received about 19 applications for the inaugural class, which will have room for 50 freshmen & 50 sophomores.
I can"t imagine him fulfilling even the president"s first function of delivering an inaugural address.
The artist has five works in the museum"s inaugural exhibition, which he had not seen installed yet.
Certain press accounts have reported rumors and innuendo about who could be appearing at the inaugural events.
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a person or organization whose job is khổng lồ keep works of art, important buildings, or valuable cultural objects in good condition

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