make amends

apologize khổng lồ someone you have hurt, hóa trang for What can I bởi vì to make amends for opening her personal mail?

make amends

To provide restitution or attempt lớn reconcile or resolve the situation after a wrong one has done. I"m not sure I can make amends for all the times I"ve let you down, but I want to lớn try to be better for you. Sometimes the best way khổng lồ make amends is just to lớn listen to lớn the other person, without trying lớn defend yourself.Learn more: make

make amends (to someone) (for someone or something)

to cosplay to someone for something that someone or something did. Don"t worry. I will make amends to lớn her for my sister, who behaved so badly.

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I will try lớn make amends for the accident. Lean make amends to lớn Sam, I"m sure.Learn more: make

make amends

Compensate someone for a grievance or injury, as in They must make amends for the harm they"ve caused you. This expression was first recorded in 1330. Learn more: make

make aˈmends (to somebody) (for something/for doing something)

vì something for somebody in order lớn show that you are sorry for something wrong or unfair that you have done: I’m sorry I upset you — how can I make amends? ♢ He finished third in the 200 metres, but hopes khổng lồ make amends in the 100 metres.Learn more: makeLearn more:Dictionary
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