When you arrive at the cruise terminal for the first day of your cruise, there are porters waiting to lớn take your luggage so that it can be delivered lớn your stateroom on the ship.

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Should you use their services, và if so, what is the "catch"?

They"re there to lớn make things easier


Porters are a convenience meant khổng lồ simplify the process of getting your belongings on a cruise ship.

Think of porters lượt thích curbside luggage check-in at the airport. You drive up lớn them, drop off all of your checked luggage and they lug the bags khổng lồ be delivered khổng lồ the ship.

There is no fee for their services, but a tip is customary for their services. Usually $1-2 per bag is what most people pay.

You will give them anything you will not need for the first few hours after getting onboard. Luggage gets delivered onboard the ship in the afternoon và early evening, once it gets scanned by security & delivered to lớn the appropriate deck.

Be sure that each piece of luggage is tagged with luggage tags. If not, a porter can provide one on the spot.

What if you don"t use a porter?


If you opt not khổng lồ use a porter, you will have to lớn take your luggage by yourself through the cruise terminal và onto the ship.

Keep in mind your luggage must be able khổng lồ fit through the security x-ray machine in the cruise terminal, so if it cannot, you will have to send your luggage with the porters.

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After the cruise is over


Upon disembarking your cruise ship on the last morning of your cruise, there will be porters available to help you with your luggage.

Just lượt thích on embarkation day, there is no fee to lớn use their services, but tipping is expected.

Not only will porters make things easier on you on that final morning, but in many cruise ports, porters have their own line for getting through customs which can greatly tốc độ up exiting the terminal.

Should you use a porter?

I always use porters on embarkation day or on disembarkation for the convenience they provide at very reasonable cost.

For $1-2 per bag, it is a bargain lớn have someone else lift and drag my bags around. 

Plus, I have found porters to be invaluable on the final day khổng lồ get through customs faster. In some terminals there are special lines for them, & even when there is not, porters often shave time off by knowing where to lớn go & when khổng lồ expedite the process.

All too often I see some family with all of their bags dragging them through the ship, into the elevators, & stacking them on the pool deck or in the Windjammer while they wait for the room to be ready. 

In short, the low cost of having to tip is worth using them.

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Helpful tips for using porters

Make sure your luggage tags are affixed khổng lồ every piece of luggage before you get to the terminal.If you run out of luggage tags (or forget them), porters can provide ones for you.Luggage may not be delivered until the evening, so keep anything important with you (medicine, sunscreen, swimsuits, anything you need for dinner).Keep a few small bills for porters for easy tipping.