How To Talk About Your Last Vacation In English

Can you remember the last place you visited? Vacations are great for experiencing the world, practicing new languages, and getting a break from daily routines. They also make a fantastic conversational topic! People love hearing about new places & vacations are a very common topic among friends and work colleagues. In this article, we"ve gathered several questions và phrases that you can use to lớn talk about vacations you"ve had. Check them out and then start telling others about the places you"ve visited!

Asking About Somebody"s Vacation

In the table below we"ll introduce you to lớn a number of questions that you can use lớn find out more about someone"s last vacation. Use them to find out where they went, what they did, and more!
If you want khổng lồ know more about someone's vacation, then use the sentence pattern How was + VACATION?. There are lots of ways someone could answer. For example they might tell you what they did or if they enjoyed the trip. Here is one possible response ⁠It was very relaxing.

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This is a very common question when talking about vacations. In fact, it can sometimes even be one of the first questions asked! The weather can have a lot of influence on whether a vacation was good or not.

Talking About Your Vacation

There are lots of different ways to lớn describe a vacation. Maybe you enjoyed the food, culture, or landscape? In the following table we"ll introduce you lớn a number of phrases that you can use to lớn describe your last vacation.
You can size simple descriptions of your last vacation by using the sentence pattern My trip was + DESCRIPTION. Someone would probably respond by asking a follow-up question like ⁠What did you do?.

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By using the sentence pattern I really enjoyed + THING you can tell someone what you enjoyed about a place you visited while on vacation. People will then most likely want to lớn know more and ask questions lượt thích ⁠What was your favorite meal?.
You can tell someone how long you stayed somewhere by using the sentence pattern I was there for + DURATION. The most typical way somebody might respond is to ask follow-up questions. One possible question could be ⁠What did you vị while you were there?.

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An easy way khổng lồ tell someone what you did on vacation is to form sentences using the pattern I did a lot of + ACTIVITY. In response, a person would probably want to know more details. For example, one way somebody could respond to our sentence is ⁠I bet the landscape there was really different, right?.
Keep calm & learn English! Listen lớn the phrases again with relaxing background music. This will help you improve your listening skills và remember the phrases. Choose your favorite style, then kick back và relax!