The Man Wanted To Avoid On Security Cameras

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1. The man wanted lớn avoid ...................... On security cameras.

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A. To see B. Seeing C. Lớn be seen D. Being seen

2. I saw the cát _______ through the window

A. Jump B. Jumping C. Jumped D. To jump

3. When I got khổng lồ the airport, the plane ____________ taken off.

A. Has B. Have C. Having D. Had

4. What ____________between 9:00 & 10:00 yesterday evening?

A. Did you vì B. Were you doing C. Vì chưng you bởi vì D. Had you done

5. John ________ his first piece of music when he was ten years old.

A. Was writing B. Writes C. Written D. Wrote

6. I hope ______ in many of the school’s social activities.

A. Including B. Being including C. Khổng lồ include D. To be included

7. Could you please stop _______ a newspaper on your way?

A. To lớn buy B. Buying C. Buy D. Is buying

8. Would you mind not _________ the radio until I’ve finished with this phone call?

A. To lớn be turned on B. Being turned on C. Turning on D. Khổng lồ turn on

9. Their crop was ______ good that they decided lớn give a party. A. Very B. Too C. Such D. So

10. We .......... Lunch when we heard the news.

A. Had B. Were having C. Have D. Have had

11. Vị you have much opportunity .......... Your English ?

A. Practising B. Lớn practise C. Practised D. To be practise

12. Your handwriting is impossible ..........

A. Reading B. Read C. Khổng lồ read D. Readed

13. “Did anyone see the thief ?” “No, he already .......... Away by the time we .......... In ”.

A. Ran / had come B. Runs/ have come C. Has run / come D. Had run / came

14. Sally's low test scores kept her from _______ lớn the university.

a. Admitting b. To lớn admit c. To lớn be admitted d. Being admitted

15. I'm really ………….. To lớn the party. All my old friends will be there.

A. Appreciating B. Looking forward C. Thinking about D. Enjoyable

16. I remember …………………. Khổng lồ Paris when I was a very small child.

A. To be taken B. To take C. Being taken D. Taking

17. The examiner made us ………………… our identification in order khổng lồ be admitted to lớn the demo center.

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A. Show B. Showing C. To lớn show D. Showed

18. The plants want………………………daily.

A. Khổng lồ water B. Watering C. To lớn be watered D. Being water

19. We are whispering lớn avoid by the other ones.

A. Hearing B. Being hearing C. To lớn be heard D. Being heard

20. The traffic lights ________ green and I pulled away.

a. Turned b. Were turning c. Has turned d. Had turned

21. I tried___________the bus, but I missed it.

a. To catch b. Catching c. To be caught d. Being caught

22. A friend of mine phoned _______ me to lớn a party.

a. For invite b. Inviting c. To lớn invite d. For inviting

23. I think your mother should let you __________ your own mind.

A. To cosplay B. Making up C. Made up D. Make up

24. The skiers would rather __________through the mountains than go by bus.

 A. Lớn travel on train B. Travel on train C. Travel by train D. Traveling by train

25. Would you consider _____________ your tóm tắt of the company?

A. Sell B. Selling C. Khổng lồ sell D. To be sold

26. Look at the state of the gate. It needs ________ as soon as possible.

A. To repair B. Khổng lồ repairing C.being repaired D. Lớn be repaired

27. We had hardly sat down when she ________ plates of food for us.

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A. Brought B. Has brought C. Had brought D. Would have brought

28. We hope that the students themselves will enjoy ______ part in the projects.